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3D Art On Canvas


3D Art on Canvas

3D Art on Canvas

Mixed media base on canvas, with collage prints and a heart on 3D.
These hearts are the tangible sign of the excitement and love I have felt traveling the world with my family.
The simple figure of the heart represents a range of feelings, from joy in the face of new challenges to melancholy as I bidfarewell to friends and family. Mostly, though, it reflects the strengthening and unity of my family through our adventures.
I want to convey, through these hearts, the unity, strength and resilience that each of us possess. We have a power in our hearts that is immense and unstoppable!
This will be a perfect gift to remind someone special how unstoppable and strong they can be!

“The Amor Heart comes In three colours and it measures 20 x 20 cm


20 x 20 cm. Canvas
Model “AMOR”
it comes in three colours,
Red Amor
Blue Amor
Gold Amor