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Greeting Cards


Greeting Cards and Note Cards

Greeting Cards

Hello! I am a passionate card maker using the “Gel Plate” technique, which is a type of monoprinting that involves creating unique designs and textures on a gelatin-like plate, which is then used to transfer the design to paper, it is a versatile and fun process that allows for endless experimentation and creativity. Here, each card is a feast of textures that you won’t find anywhere else. And the most exciting thing is that not two are alike. So, when you gift one of my cards, you are sharing a pinch of unique and original joy.

But how about adding more fun to the matter? I OFFER MY CARDS IN SURPRISE PACKS OF 5 PIECES, EACH PACKED WITH UNIQUE DESIGNS. It’s like opening a gift of small creative artworks every time you give or receive one! And since they are blank inside, you can make them yours with a message from the heart.

My curiosity leads me to explore different techniques, including one called „Mixed Media” that allows me to play with different mediums on my prints. But it’s not just about creating, I also care about our planet. That’s why I use recycled paper in my prints, giving a new life to those papers that could end up in the trash.
The result is a card full of love, respect for nature and a touch of surprise, all in one charming little package. The prints are attached to a card of high-quality cardstock that comes in an envelope of soft-touch paper and delicate colours. So, when you send one of my cards, you are gifting a bit of joy and love, and, of course, a big surprise. I’m sure you’ll love them!

Greeting cards with envelope:

Card: 14 x 10,5 cm. (A6) with cardboard of 300g/m2
Envelope: 16.2 x 11.4 cm. with 130g/m2 paper
Each pack contains 5 Greeting Cards with envelopes.

note cards with envelope:

Card: 9,5 x 7 cm. with cardboard of 240g/m2
Envelope: 10.5 x 8.3 cm. with 110 g/m2 paper

Each pack contains 5 note cards with envelopes.
The 5-pack of surprise cards comes in a stylish and elegant handmade black box, ready for you to open and start sending your unique cards or gifting them to someone special.