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Floral-Adorned Embroidered Boots

Floral-Adorned Embroidered Boots: Experience the beauty of Ayacucho’s intricate embroidery techniques showcased in these charming long size boot-shaped ornaments, delicately adorned with vibrant flowers. These unique pieces capture the essence of Peruvian artistry and make for stunning decorations or thoughtful gifts. They can be hanged, and in the inside, some special presents can be placed.


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Size: 35 cm high by 25 cm. at the base.

Material: acrylic felt with an inner cotton fabric. Embroidered with wool threads.


  • Beige boot with earth toned flowers.
  • White boot with red flowers.
  • Red boot with beige flowers.

The boot can be personalised with your name.

3 reviews for Floral-Adorned Embroidered Boots

  1. Daniela Piana

    Beautiful hand made work ! I have 5 Christmas boots, 200% recommended ♥️

  2. Anne Taylor

    I ordered a coordinated set of stockings for my family. They are all gorgeous, well made and personalized. It’s hard to find something like this in Germany ! I love them

  3. Erika Stockholm

    These boots blend the spirit of Christmas with the essence of Peruvian craftsmanship, offering a special way to celebrate the season. It’s a joy to see the names of loved ones, including my furry friends, on these beautifully crafted boots, making each treat inside even more special.

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